Superfoods: A Super-Impact on the Environment

Superfoods, which are typically associated with sustainable production, are beginning to have a negative impact on the environment as a result of rising demand. Come read our blog to learn more.

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Algeria’s Cash Allowance for the Unemployed

President Abdelmadjid Tebboune has finally announced a youth unemployment benefit, which will provide unemployed Algerians with a monthly stipend. Come read our blog to learn more about the grant.

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Is a Frexit Possible after the Elections in France?

Seeing the success of Brexit for the UK has prompted France to consider exiting the European Union as well. So, is a Frexit a possibility in the near future?

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Dubai E-Commerce Aggregator Raises $42M in Series A

Come check out our article to learn more about Opontia, a Dubai-based e-commerce aggregator, and how it raised nearly $42 million, as well as how it intends to use this funding.

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New Regulations to Track the Movement of Goods between EU Countries

Intrastat, the European Union's (EU) system for tracing the transit of goods between EU countries, has been subject to new criteria since this January. Here's what to expect with the new regulations.

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