Work on LiveJasmin.com (Life Jasmine), review + model reviews

Work on LiveJasmin.com (Life Jasmine), review + model reviews


Work on LiveJasmin.com (Life Jasmine), review + model reviews

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LiveJasmin is the absolute leader among English language video chat platforms. The service provides an opportunity to make good money, while setting the boundaries of what is permitted remains with the model. The schedule is free. Models are not burdened with anything, they can work as and when they want. However, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the basic nuances of working on the platform so that everything goes smoothly.


What is LiveJasmin

Livejasmin.com is a popular webcam chat service. LifeJasmine accepts models of all genders. Men, women, transgenders - anyone over the age of 18 can perform on the site.

The main characteristics of the service:

  • Services: Camming, Fanclub;
  • Gender: Female, Male, Transgender, Couples;
  • Percentage of model earnings: 30-60%;
  • Payment schedule: once every two weeks;
  • Minimum payout: $100;
  • Payout Method: Check, ACH, Wire, Paxum, ePayService;
  • Chargebacks: covered;
  • Cam2Cam: Yes
  • Geo-blocking: Yes;
  • Performance on several sites: Yes;
  • Studios: yes;
  • Affiliate Program: Yes.

The Jasmine site is owned and operated by Duodecad IT Services Luxembourg Sarl. It supports 30 languages, including Russian. Most of Livejasmin's clients are Americans and Europeans, so communication will still require minimal knowledge of English. If your language skills are superficial, do not worry - the platform has convenient functionality for quick translation.

LifeJasmine supports professional and amateur models. The service also has the ability to register a studio account.

How it all goes

Jasmine is a communication site that provides interaction between webcam models and viewers. Models broadcast live from their studio or home, interacting with clients in private or public rooms. For communication, you can use video, voice, messages.

For every second of their stay in a private room with a model, clients pay with Credits, which are purchased by the internal currency of the platform. Part of the funds received is retained by the service to maintain the work, and the rest is credited to the model's account as a percentage.

webcam work

Everything happens approximately as follows. The model creates an account on the service, puts her room and appearance in order, and then goes on air. When you are online, users will start looking at you. You need to be as sociable and friendly as possible, enticing the user by all available methods.
If the user decides that he is interested in you, he will invite you to a private room, and from that moment on, billing will begin. You will be informed about the exit to private by a sound notification.

In private, you also really need to connect your charm and sociability. The task of the model is to make the client stay in the chat for as long as possible by all means provided by the category.

You need to make a reservation right away that most models work in the Nude category, but there are four categories in total:

  • celebrity. Available exclusively to girls. It is up to the model to add erotic content to the show or not.
  • Hot flirt. Available for girls. The model herself chooses whether she wants to be naked.
  • Nude. This category implies that the model is ready to provide nude or erotic shots upon request. All groups of models (girls, boys, gays, fetish, transsexuals, mature and others) can work in this category.
  • amateur. The category is not much different from the previous one, with the only difference being that it has lower technical requirements. The category is available for both girls and guys.

The model determines the measures of permissibility independently. At the same time, you need to understand that even if you work in a hot category, this does not mean at all that after switching to private, you need to immediately go “down to business”. You can also communicate with the client, find out about his mood, preferences.

When the private is over, the broadcast will again be transferred to the general area, and the money for viewing will be transferred to the model's account.

Working conditions on LiveJasmin

The model independently determines when she will go on the air on Jasmine.com and how much time to spend in it. True, if you want to make good money and attract a lot of regular customers, then it is recommended to develop a relatively stable schedule for going on the air.


The percentage remuneration of models is built on a multi-level system. The more money the model earns, the more percentage of deductions she receives.

The distribution of income is as follows:

  • Aspiring. The model earns less than $100 and receives 30% of it.
  • Accomplished. During the accounting period, the model earns from $100 to $300. The percentage deduction is 35%.
  • famous. If the model manages to attract between $300 and $650, her reward is 40%.
  • star. If clients spent between $650 and $1500 to communicate with a model, the model is entitled to 45%.
  • superstar. Stars attracting from $1500 to $2500 get half - 50%.
  • legend. If a model earns over $2,500, I give her 60%.

You can withdraw money from an intraplatform account 2 times a week. The minimum withdrawal is $100.

How much can you earn

Webcamming with Livejasmin can potentially bring in a good income, but how much a model will actually earn depends on many factors. Everything is important - age, parameters, category, sociability, time spent on the air, the ability to present yourself, the quality of the picture and even the interior.

Income calculation

You can calculate your earnings individually using the calculator below. Enter your age (Your age), your sex (Your sex), the number of hours that are ready to work during the week (Possible working hours a week), and click Calculate. You will be redirected to the official website, where you will immediately see the scope of the estimated income.


As a rule, earnings grow in proportion to the invested effort and time. Here are some examples of monthly income calculations with the LiveJasmin model income calculator for women and men aged 18-22:

  • Women working 11-20 hours per week: $2,000-6,700 per month.
  • Men working 11-20 hours a week: $450-$1,800.
  • Women working 21-30 hours a week: $3,000-$8,700.
  • Men working 21-30 hours a week: $500 to $3,500.
  • Women working 31-40 hours a week: $3,400-$11,000.

And such indicators can be achieved by models aged 23-29 years:

  • Woman working 11-20 hours a week: $3,000-$8,000 per month.
  • Men working 11-20 hours per week: $500-2000 per month.
  • Women working 21-30 hours per week: $4,600-11,500 per month.
  • Men working 21-30 hours a week: $600-$5,100.
  • Women working 31-40 hours a week: $4,800-$18,000
  • Men, 23-29, working 31-40 hours per week: $700 to $5,300 per month.

At the age of 30-39, the monthly earnings of the model will be approximately:

  • Women working 11-20 hours a week: $1,500-$7,500 per month.
  • Men working 11-20 hours per week: $300-4000 per month.
  • Women working 21-30 hours per week: $2,000-$10,000 per month.
  • Men working 21-30 hours per week: $350-4500 per month.
  • Women working 31-40 hours per week: $2500-13000 per month.
  • Men working 31-40 hours per week: $400-$5,000 per month.

Of course, a lot depends on the skill and creativity of the model. Models who manage to make their name known and find their audience of regular customers earn the most.

Earning options

Life Jasmine has a large traffic of visitors and many interesting features for additional earnings for models and studios. The service has various types of shows, including VIP shows with special content and a correspondingly higher price. The model can get more money for connecting special features, such as two-way webcams and sound, the VibraToy service.

The service also allows platform-based models to create their own fan clubs. For customers subscribed to the fan club, exclusive content will be available. To continue accessing, customers will need to renew their subscription every two weeks, which ranges from $4.99 to $14.99. The model receives a fixed 25% for all money received from fan club subscriptions.

You can earn extra money by participating in affiliate programs and various contests. For example, every month the service chooses the best video, for which you can get up to $5,000 in prize money. Models who reach the Top 100 based on user votes are rewarded with $10,000 every week.

LiveJasmin knows real cases where models have managed to earn over a million dollars. But it all depends on the effort put in.

Another feature that expands the possibilities of earning is Cam-Splitting. With its help, you can perform on several sites at the same time. Usually the function is used in the common room. If a model receives a private invite on one of the sites, she can go private on that site and then go back to public on multiple sites.

How to become a model

webcam model
One of the key requirements put forward for Life Jasmine models is the age of majority. You must be 18 years of age or over. Also, to work as a model, you will need:

  • A computer. Minimum PC requirements: operating system from Windows XP and above; Intel Core i5 processor or higher, or any other processor with a clock speed of 2 GHz or more; Flash Player 11.
  • Quality internet. The minimum Internet speed when working through the software is 1.5 Mbps international download and 2 Mbps normal download. When using the browser version with an international download of 1024 kbps and a download speed of 1 Mbps.
  • Webcam. It is highly recommended to connect an HD webcam. This will provide a better picture, but for the first time any will do.
  • Place. Most models use the bedroom or a separate broadcast room. The room should be clean and, if desired, stylistically decorated.

For a start, you can use the existing arsenal, but for the future, if you want to gradually increase your income and achieve popularity, it is recommended to set aside part of the money earned for upgrading equipment, interior equipment of the room, providing high-quality light and show elements.


Working on LiveJasmin starts with registration, to do this, go to the Model Center . Registration itself is not difficult, but in the process of preparing an account for work, you will need to specify a lot of details, including confirming the age with scanned copies of documents.

It's not worth worrying. All information provided during registration is anonymous and is not displayed anywhere. It is needed only so that the service can verify the age of the model.

There are four steps to registering:

Registration on LiveJasmine

Choosing an account on LiveJasmine
At the next step, you need to select an alias that will be visible to site users, a category. Please note that the category can be changed at any time after that, so you should not dwell on its choice for a long time.

Nickname on LiveJasmine

Data entry on LiveJasmine

document verification on LiveJasmine

  • Create an account. To start registration, go to the official LiveJasmin website and select the “Create an account” option: Next, the service will prompt you to enter an email address and set a password for your account. At the bottom of the registration form are links to the "Data Privacy Policy", the use of "Cookies", and the agreement to work. You need to read them and confirm your consent.
  • Account type. On the next page, the service will prompt you to select the type of account. Single account - for models that work on their own. Studio account - for two or more people.
  • Personal Information. Entering information about yourself must be done in Latin. The data provided in this step will not be visible on the site.
  • Documentation. At the final stage, you need to send copies of documents. The information on the documents must match the information entered in the previous step. To verify the identity, the administration of the service requests a passport, national passport or driver's license. You need to upload a photo of the document and a selfie with it.

Account created. At the bottom of the site you can find an inconspicuous tab “Login for models”, through which authorization is performed. After the first login, the service will offer to set up payment methods and install the application for work. You can go to the broadcast either using the proposed application or directly from the browser.

Beginning of work

At first, it may seem that all this is complicated. Beginners really will have to deal with many things for the first time, but with a little patience and you will figure it out.

It may take some time to verify your account, and it is better to spend it wisely. First you need to put your room in order. In the background, the interlocutor should see an attractive picture. Well, if you can create an environment that sets you in a certain way.

Next, you need to consider in what role you will broadcast. As a rule, models choose for themselves a certain image of a romantic and naive girl, or, on the contrary, a strict, serious, creative and eccentric one, and stick to it. This helps to form an audience of regular customers.

At first, the NEW icon on the broadcast icon attracts a lot of eyes, and you need to use this time as productively as possible to find your viewers. The next one is a little more difficult. The competition is tough and you need to carefully consider each broadcast and gradually hone your skills, improve your communication skills with customers.

Withdrawal methods

You can withdraw money from the site once every two weeks. The minimum payment is $100. Withdrawals can be made in many ways:

  • bank checks;
  • ACH;
  • wire;
  • Paxum;
  • ePay Service;
  • Payoneer.

The latter is one of the most convenient for residents of the CIS countries. The payment system is designed specifically to accept payments from employers. It also allows you to issue a card, receive money on it and withdraw it to the accounts of domestic banks. Withdrawal and withdrawal of cash is possible, including in dollars.

Legality of work

Legislation in different countries qualifies the work of webcam models differently . In the vast majority of countries, non-nude chats are perfectly legal, and explicit videos can qualify as adult content production and are therefore banned.

The reality is that the state is still fighting only with studios, where everything is put on stream, and no one is tracking single models. And if so, then it is impossible to find out anything about the model. Only a fictitious name is visible on the service, and the rest is not disclosed.

LiveJasmin Model Security

LiveJasmin keeps their models safe. The work of the service is organized transparently, there is also a payout protection program. Of course, the greatest concern for models is the possibility of identifying a person. To solve this problem, the service offers regional blocking.

Each model can block three countries and a native one. Users from blocked countries will not be able to access your account, portfolio and webcam. This eliminates the possibility that acquaintances will accidentally stumble upon you on the site.

Advantages and disadvantages

webcam model

The benefits of working on LiveJasmin are many:

  • High payouts. LiveJasmin is the absolute earning champion.
  • Ability to block multiple countries. For many, this is really important. In addition, you can block any user with whom communication was unpleasant.
  • New acquaintances. Most of LiveJasmin's clients are Americans and Europeans, many really don't mind talking and turn out to be nice and sometimes influential people. Of course, there are% of users who are inadequate, but in this case, the administration prudently added the ability to block.
  • Contests. The service often holds various contests with generous prizes, which opens up additional opportunities for earning.

There are no downsides to LiveJasmin. The only thing that can be highlighted is that the work will require at least minimal knowledge of English. But it is worth noting that earnings are much higher than on similar Russian-language platforms.

Another indirect drawback is that the site really appreciates the quality. If you are serious about working and earning big money, then you will need to have good equipment, a camera, a webcam.

Tips on how to become a successful model on LifeJasmine

Each model has its own exclusive recipe for success. We can only give general tips and recommendations, which in any case should not be neglected:

  • High technical ability. The higher the quality of your technology and the higher the speed of the Internet, the better picture quality you can provide.
  • Personal information. At least once a month, you need to add new photos to your account that support the image. Clients really appreciate solid images and manifestations of personality.
  • Schedule. Of course, the work of a webcam model provides for a free schedule, but compliance with a certain regime is still necessary, especially if there are permanent members.
  • Continuous improvement. Even if you have your own audience of regular viewers, this does not mean at all that you can stop there. And a flawless picture gets boring over time.
  • Show activity. Sociability, responsiveness, readiness to get in touch at any time and pay attention in any case will give a positive result. Engage viewers in communication, ask them to vote for you in contests.
  • Work on your ranking. Few people want to communicate with a model that no one else liked.

Livejasmin is the center of the model that has opened up the opportunity to make money easily for many people. But you need to understand that not everyone will be successful. No matter how easy it may seem to earn money at first glance, it requires working out a lot of details. Models need to have not only an attractive appearance, but also take on the duties of a director, screenwriter, and light operator. True, having achieved success, the efforts made will pay off in full.

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